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Thread: Deerhunter leather shooting gloves

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    Deerhunter leather shooting gloves

    Complete your country outfit with the Deerhunter leather gloves colour brownAttachment 61107 made from 100% sheep leather these a-grade quality leather gloves feature a adjustable cuff.
    Sizes available are large,enlarge
    Price 15.50 delivered
    Pm me if your interested
    Attachment 61106

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    Can anyone tell me please.
    Where and how does one measure ones hand to determine the size required?

    ATB Bryan.

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    Well Bryan, no doubt the seller will tell you exactly, but my understanding is that you make a fist, place the tape "inside" the fist, in the palm of your hand, round the knuckles and back again? So, a loop round the knuckles of the fist - to try and explain it differently.
    Does that make any sense whatsoever?
    We shall see in due course what those with experience in gentlemen's outfitting have to say.

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    Go into your local builders merchant and try a couple of pair of gloves on . Most have the size written on the back eg size 9 for medium

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    Ah Stinger, how much more pragmatic. I wish I'd thought of that!

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    You did make a "fist" of it Goathumper. Thanks for trying though.


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    Ha, thanks Bryan. Better to have tried and failed etc etc.

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    I think your shoe size equals your glove size . I've i am a size 10 in shoe and glove . I hope this helps.

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