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Thread: Wanted: "Finger and Wedge Set" Half Inch - Breaking Boulders/Stones

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    Wanted: "Finger and Wedge Set" Half Inch - Breaking Boulders/Stones

    Possibly the most obscure wanted post on SD ever....

    Need to break some hefty granite boulders in my garden and burn.

    Anybody got a set of fingers and wedges, around 1/2 inch size?

    You know the ones, drill a line holes and insert the fingers and wedges, then tap them with a sledgehammer.

    Probably need to drill 3 holes, so 3 sets would be good.


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    What sane man would not want a set of plug and feathers - Plugs Shims) (Gibsons) - pricey though.

    If time is on your side I would suggest haunting salvage yards and curio shops in areas where quarrying was popular.
    Alternatively there are a surprising amount on ebay for example Plugs and Feathers,Stone splitter, Boulder Breaker,5 feather 10 wedges 14x130mm | eBay They should know a bit about splitting rock on Cornwall but these are a bit odd...I'm not used to seeing the 'feather's' bound you take your chances.

    Hope this helps - personally I prefer drill and blast

    You should get a single meter deep hole out of a battery from an SDS like a Hilti or Makita

    If you are feeling fiscally challenged you might get away with a split higher carbon steel tube and a cheap (carrot) drift from Machine Mart. The old cavers way was a blank .22 but you could lose an eye from the rod and it probably falls foul of anti-terror laws now.
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    No anti terror laws in the windy hills but thankfully a few sane men.

    I have ordered a pair of those eBay fingers. Suspect my 18v DeWalt Drill and sledgehammer means I am a bit under gunned. My drills bits are only 200mm long.

    I'll probably have to come back to this thread in a few months and the decent ones you mentioned first.

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