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    New fac

    Hi to all, ive been following the forum for some time and just decided to register and say a few words. I have been licenced for shotgun for around 7 years and recently applied to central for the granting of a fac.
    I have to say the whole process was very efficient and problem free. I waited around 2 months , due to a busy department before my fac fell through the letter box. I have been granted my .22 lr complete with mod, and .223 rem complete with mod ,and expanding rounds for the purpose of roe and fox . The fac is open , so long as i have permission to do so.

    I have to say top marks to central scotland police, for their efficiency, and for the service provided by their attending feo.

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    Hi Tom, welcome to the site, you will see that my location is Perthshire, but since regionalisation I come under Central Region
    I deal a lot with Central Region firearms dept. visitors firearm permits etc also registered as firearms courier with them.

    Always found them to be efficient and help-full from the FEO to the office staff. [***** service]

    All the best

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    hi tom welcome i just picked up my renewal from pitt st another 5 years
    only thing wrong is they didnt up my ammo seems im not using enough
    to justify extra ,so look out deer, fox ,rabbits ill be after you apart from
    that well done strathclyde police feo

    cheers tam

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