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Thread: Steyr SSG 69 question

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    Steyr SSG 69 question

    A Steyr SSG 69 is for sale here. A few questions :

    - Are they easy to rebarrel if needed / shot out

    - If I am not wrong, the locking lugs are at the rear side of the bolt. Any disadvantages ?

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    Not straight forward to rebarrel but not impossible and there are gunsmiths in the UK that will do it.

    From what I remember there are more advantages than disadvantages for lugs at the rear but I'm sure a gunsmith will be along to comment. They have a lovely smooth action. I've had 4 so far and have a MIII Pro which is essentially an ssg 69 at the moment which I am selling. I've not regretted buying one yet but get a hankering after new toys every so often so tend not to keep them for long.

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    I have used them a lot and think they were the best sniper option prior to AI and other clones. As stated re barreling is doable in the right hands and never noticed any issues with rear locking bolt lugs. Some points:
    magazines suffer from dirt ingress which can make them a bit sticky. There is a conversion to AICS mags but expensive. We had some stocks that became a bit unstable around the action but this was known issue. They tend to group better at 200 plus metres rather than closer. The phosphated scope rings were not good with steel tube scopes, and allowed a bit of slippage.
    Would have one again.

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    Military and police armorers have told me that the SSG barrels, if properly cleaned and cared for and not overheated, will last 20,000 rounds with accuracy.

    I had an SSG-69 and it was a very accurate rifle, just too long and heavy for my tastes. I have several Steyr Model Ms which are just the .30-06 length action ( SSG-69 is on the L action ). They are very accurate. Lugs being in the rear are very easy to clean, and the full body bolt glides in the action with no wobbling, so is very smooth.

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    Both my SSG-69s are away being re-barreled at the mo with Callum Fergusson. After the initial/additional cost of threading the receiver any subsequent
    re-barrel is straightforward.

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    I found RWS ammunition made it very difficult to get the bolt open after a shot. I put this down to the lugs being at the rear. I never bought another box of it.

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