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    im after a 223 for foxing ,would like a all weather set up ,if anyone has one .

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    JoeD on here has a nice setup for sale and is local to you - drop him a PM - thread is on here - but just as 'Rifles for Sale' IIRC
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    I have a tikka t3 lite in .223 for sale with 2 6 shot mags. 1 in 8 twist as well so perfect for stabilising the heavier bullets. Comes with a BR T8 moderator. 550
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    Just been thinking over the last week or so about trying to rationalise my rifles with lots of overlap in calibers and the 223 is among a couple to go.

    I've got Remington PSS action that has been rebarrelled by PRS, Kreiger S/S 1:14 , blue printed action. Jewel trigger, McMillan stock and original bedded PSS stock. Moderator/Dies/brass etc etc.Shoots as you would expect a PRS rifle too.

    Please PM me for pictures if interested.

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    I got a cz 527 varmint hs kevlar stock its had 150 rounds down it from new just the rifle for 375

    But that tikka that rosslamb is selling sounds nice with 1:8 twist for 550

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    Got to ask, what are you looking for? Looks like you've had some good offers at good prices... Maybe if you were to let folk know what you have in mind it may help you get what you want.


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