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Thread: Howa mini

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    Howa mini

    Have any been imported yet, seen some good reports from overseas

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    Somebody must have shot one by now surely

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    Highland Outdoors have them on their site, i suggest a phone call to check availability.


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    They are already in the shops, just nervous about being the first to buy

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    I'm tempted by either a 17 Hornet or 204 Ruger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guesty View Post
    I'm tempted by either a 17 Hornet or 204 Ruger.
    So, only you and me in the whole world interested in the mini.
    Looked at one monday, think i could live with it so long as it shoots ok.
    Mag release going to be a bit too easy to operate by the feel of it, and badly placed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guesty View Post
    I'm tempted by either a 17 Hornet or 204 Ruger.
    that'll be a .204 then Matt, they don't do a .17 Hornet yet
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    I've had a word with the importers and they reckon the 17 Hornet should be out by early / mid next year.
    I have yet to see the mini in person, but have seen it online and it looks just my cuppa.
    Joe what did the stock seem like? I've read that it isn't the usual rubber Hogue, but a lightweight plastic from another manufacturer. Apparently it is very light and pillar bedded.
    I'm not sure if the UK will get all the barrel options the US gets, but I'm interested in 20" varmint especially if it is threaded 1/2" and not 5/8".
    Howa seems to cerakoting their latest small and large action models so I hope this is an option too.

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    Stock seemed ok, but then i is used to the plastic CZ. the soft but pad could be a problem long term.
    bolt a bit rough, but will improve with use. As i said the mag catch is vulnerable to catching on things,
    and there is no second chance like i have seen on one rifle of another make.
    I have a slot, shop has gun, i got a birthday coming up, price is right,
    I love my HMR, do i really really want another rifle

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    Sounds like a done deal to me!

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