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Thread: Sako 75 after market stocks - UK availability?

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    Sako 75 after market stocks - UK availability?

    Looking into dropping my Sako 75 into a different stock and wondering what's currently available in the UK without ridiculously long waits. Not looking for anything too "military" but the standard synthetic stock, whilst a lovely shape, does feel a bit floppy and plasticy.

    GRS stocks look to have decent availability in the UK but what else is out there that I should have a look at?

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    I have two GRS stocks - they have a very positive grip to them and that in turn gives the shooter confidence.

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    See if jacksons have a mcmillan in, they carry a few sometimes, I got a sako varmint for my 75 last year.

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    I would recommend a McMillan.

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    Have a look at Joe West stocks. A mate has one on his 75 6mmBR
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    the mcmillan is identical to the factory wood as far as I understand, so what's the point..Unless you simply don't like a rifle with a wooden stock,,..heathens...

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