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Thread: Pigeon Shooting

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    Pigeon Shooting

    Just updating this post to say that if anybody is interested in the roost shooting for 2017 probably 1st February could they PM me to put their name down. 50 per gun, 10 guns, six places left.
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    Wish i was closer herbert, Usually try and get out a few times every couple of months with the old browning maxus. But i would recommend anybody getting out on the pigeons as can be an amazing day and good banter. Best of Luck Mate and enjoy yourselves....lucky guys....

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    Wish I was closer to your neck of the woods too, beautiful countryside and some really good sport. The roost shooting is the challenging one, great sport and good fun. All the best.

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    Didn't it used to be 30 Herbert ��

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    How far are your grounds from cinderford in the Forest of Dean ?

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    I don't think it ever was, and if it was it must have been years ago!

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    It is 40 miles, about an hour's drive

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    Roost shooting is 30 in February

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    Thought it was mate , really good day and hope you do some this year. If so will have a couple of slots

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    Herbert, can you let me know if you are doing any roost shooting this Feb,and if you have any slots for a single gun, and the cost, howzat cardiff

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