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Thread: Herefordshire hospitality results in my son's 1st roe buck.....

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    Herefordshire hospitality results in my son's 1st roe buck.....

    A few months ago, my good mate 243varmint told me that he and Bandit Country would like to invite Charlie - my son - down to Herefordshire for a crack at getting him onto another deer (Charlie has had a red hind previously). Well it would have been downright churlish to turn down such a generous offer wouldn't it .....and so we hatched a plan for heading down to picturesque Herefordshire from the Northern Badlands this weekend just gone.

    A B&B was booked, and after around 10 days of corking weather, it seemed like my weather jinx was being its usual consistent self, with forecasts predicting a mahoosif wodge of rain sweeping across the country for pretty much the entire weekend. Best chuck in some extra waterproofs.....

    Saturday rolled around - and hang on a mo'!! What's this? A gap in the rain? A gap that should take in Saturday evening and Sunday morning?? Vive to that and an éclair for all of us, game on!

    We arrived at Jon's at around 4.30pm, had a brew and a piece of home-made cake (...oh alright, I had two........I blame Jon's wife for being too good at cooking....), and we split into two pairs, Jon taking Charlie out on the upper reaches of the ground we were heading to, me accompanying BC to the corresponding 'lower' ground; fallow thoughts were front and centre, however roe buck was also a possibility - and there was always the chance of fox.... (I was confident in Charlie's shooting ability, and we had done some more practise off sticks the prior weekend at "dynamic targets" - some vigorously shaken cans of pop and a bag of reduced price pears, both targets which are FAR more entertaining to shoot than a boring old square of paper . Both give a suitably satisfying reaction when you connect!)

    Saturday evening did indeed turn out to be beautiful - just a pity that the deer didn't play ball. We did see deer - but each party saw roe does with youngsters, with BC and I having a staring contest with a doe with a youngster at foot at a range of about 25 yards before she decided enough was enough and bounded off. With no deer to deal with, and the onset of darkness, we retired to Jon's for a well-received Chinese takeaway....I think we were all hungry enough to eat a scabby dog!!

    The arrangements for the following morning were made, and Charlie and I turned in at the B&B - and it felt like no sooner had our heads touched our respective pillows than the alarm was going off for 4:30am.......

    We switched patches this time, with Jon taking Charlie to the lower part of the ground; BC and I taking the uphill route. (Thoroughly enjoyable as my stalk was, I shan't dwell on it as this was Charlie's weekend, not mine; in brief, BC and I saw deer again - this time including a very respectable roe buck on the wood edge, however he was a black-belt at managing to obscure himself with a tree, bush, barbed wire, and on the best opportunity I had - with safety snicked forward and trigger finger on trigger - a youngster jumped right in front of him ......and then he melted back into the wood. At no point did I feel comfortable with taking a shot, so there was a figurative tipping of hat in his direction and a continuation of a stalk along the woodland edge).

    At one of our many pauses to scan with binos, I was quite literally just about to say "...well we've not heard a shot from down the way...", when BC had an incoming text.......

    Buck down.

    Charlie had indeed got a buck on the floor!

    As time was rolling on, BC and I headed back to the truck and met up with Jon and Charlie to see his buck and get the full story.... Jon may give a fuller account if he gets time, but it sounded like a VERY challenging stalk, culminating in a 100yd shot off sticks - and the buck hitting the floor like a bag of hammers.

    The buck was a 5-pointer.....would have been a 6-pointer, but one upper tip was broken off . I think the boy done good....

    After a hearty breakfast at Jon's, we headed home, with a cape in the boot of the car - possible shoulder mount when funds permit - and a healthy admiration for the quantity of tea which BC can consume in one sitting.....

    We had a great weekend. I owe a both 243varmint and Bandit Country a huge thanks and owe 'em both a pint. Not least for the fact that they contrived to keep the rain at bay. in all seriousness, it was very generous of them both to give up their time and offer their hospitality so that Charlie could try for a buck, and they are great company. Cheers chaps. Really appreciated .

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    well done charlie!and well done the lads sorting what sounds like a great weekend good write up too,atb doug,

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    Well done to all it just shows how nice some people are, a great write and a very nice looking buck bazil

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    A great write up - well done all. Having enjoyed 243Varmint and Bandit Country's hospitality in the past, you were most definitely in good company.

    That also looks like a really nice roe buck for your son to open his account with - hopefully the first of many.
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    good write up, and nice buck? Well done.

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    Good show and great to hear of Young ones getting a shout, this is what shooting/hunting/stalking is all about, I started young with the rabbits and never had the opportunities of many and started mega later on Stalking after nearly 17 years away from shooting. I never started taking my boys out till about 7 years ago, well one has already fell by the wayside but my other now at 18 is hoping to sort out his licences soon, So congrats Charlie and keep taking him along Merlin they are all the future..

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    Thanks for the kind words mate. It was our pleasure to have you both down.

    A brief write up of the 'Buck Stalk'
    We parked up on the lower ground and made our way to a gateway that would give us a good vantage point in which to watch the darkness turn into the grey of dawn. Overlooking a stubble field about 300mx400m then onto a wild bird seed field. Release pen in the small wood to the left and another field of set a side over the hedge to the right. As the light came up we could now make out more of the area we were watching but no deer to be seen. We have fallow down the lower side as well but like fallow, they were not to be seen this morning. After about 3/4 hr we moved to the right hand field to see what was in the conservation headlands. Nothing. Bugger, I was getting a little worried now as we hadn't seen anything apart from a few hares on the stubble.
    A quick glass back over the hedge to the lower bird seed field, a chesnut shape was running into the middle of it, followed by a smaller shape. Back to a gap in the hedge and a doe and twins were now in the field.
    Like a rocket a buck came running out of the wood and started to chase the doe around the field. Game on. Phew.
    A plan was hatched that involved a long detour around the far side of the wood to get the correct side of the wind.
    We made it to the back of the wood, to the other bird seed field, which is more established than the field the deer were in.. Lots of roe coloured plants!!!!!!! A good while was spent glossing the field as the roe were last seen in the gateway to this field. Nothing!!!
    Until I spotted a kid amongst the high docs heading back to the wood. As luck would have I looked down to the gateway around 200m away and spotted the doe moving back into the first field which we spotted them in.she was closely followed by her twins, the the buck was in hot pursuit 30m behind them. Game on again!!!
    A stalk down the side of the wood found us in the gateway looking into the green seed field. No deer to be seen. Bugger. They do have a habit of just vanishing as quickly as they appear. So I said to Charlie we would stalk along the edge towards where I thought they might have headed.
    As we got 20m up the hedge I caught a glimpse of chesnut down the far hedge opposite us. A good 200-250m away. She was joined by her twins, no buck to be seen. Then he appeared from the left, as the field bends around in slight curve. He was now with another doe, which had twins as well.
    It was quite funny to watch this buck, as he didn't know which way to turn. He was sploilt for choice. Lucky boy.
    The only thing between us and the deer were two oak trees with high grass and docs below and we were at least 150 from them. Slowly we got low down and managed to close the gap. Phew we had made it to the grass below the oaks. The buck at this point was halfway between the two does and happily grazing on the 'deer lawn'. A slow peep over the top of the grass and he was settled. Sticks up, Charlie had the rifle but I slowly set it up on the sticks for him. we both got our breaths back. Charlie got behind the rifle. 'Wait for him to turn, no rush, he's not going anywhere, when you are happy, take the shot'
    The buck turned and I said 'take the shot if you're happy'. The 06 cracked and the buck colapsed to the shot. The rifle was reloaded in an instant, before I had to say a word. A well practiced drill. We kept an eye him but he was going nowhere. A handshake was exchanged. I don't know who was more relieved. Well I do. It was me........
    We located the buck and performed the gralloch on the field edge.

    All I can say is well done Charlie on your first roe buck. Hopefully one of many. It was a pleasure to take you out.
    We will catch up soon.



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    Nice Jon, that's what stalking is all about, good fun and good company.

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