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Thread: Cz 511 reliability problems fixed

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    Cz 511 reliability problems fixed

    Hi guys

    This may be of interest to any owners of CZ511 semi auto .22 rifles who have been having problems with jams. I got a CZ 511 new in about 2007 and have suffered numerous jams with a variety of factory magazines (both 8 and 16 shot) and using a variety of different ammo since I first got it. This incidentally is a well built, sleek little semi auto that is supposed to be more reliable than a ruger 1022.

    I had read on the internet that cutting coils of the recoil spring would help to fix this problem but it didn't work on my rifle. After trying a few other things, including taking the rifle to a gunsmith and sending it back to Edgar brothers - the importers ( all to no avail) my patience had just about run out, I only use the rifle very occasionally otherwise I would probably have traded it in years ago.

    I had decided to give the rifle one more chance on a recent trip to the Orkneys, the trip was mainly for goose shooting but I was told that we would have the opportunity to go rabbiting also if we wanted to. It turns out the island had a huge population of rabbits and we went rabbit shooting several times, which was great sport.... Predictably, my rifle started playing up again, jamming often with each of the four mags I had taken!

    I mentioned the jamming problem in passing to a fellow shooter (Richie) who had joined our group for a few days. It turns out that he was a shotgun shooting coach and a shooting guide and was obviously familiar with firearms. He immediately diagnosed the problem as being a magazine related issue.

    He then proceeded to bend the magazine lips with my leatherman pliers and tested that the rounds would then feed into my rifles chamber cleanly from all of my magazines. The rounds were, until that point, Pointing At too high an angle when they were stripped from the magazine and into the chamber. During the firing cycle, some rounds would clip the top of the chamber which would stop them entering and cause a jam.... Why didn't I think of that for a fix!!

    On testing the rifle afterwards - it was transformed!!!.... I fired several hundred rounds through it (with only one jam) I was pleased as punch as I was about to ditch an Otherwise neat, sleek and accurate little rifle because of the jamming problems.

    Many thanks Richie , you appear to know more about how to make the CZ511 function properly than Edgar brothers and my local gunsmith!
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