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Thread: Deer Crossings

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    Deer Crossings

    Maybe I had one too many, but found this hilarious....

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    How stupid is that lady to think that deer will cross where the highway authorities put deer crossing signs! Doesn't she realise that they are nothing like zebras and pelicans?

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    Oh Deer! I really wish that I had not watched that while I was drinking my morning cuppa - I've just spat my tea all over it!
    Maybe the woman caller could arrange for those "Deer Crossing Signs" to be moved so they surround my permissions!!!

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    Nah. Spoof.. Come on. No God fearing American could be that stupid. Especially one who has the intelligence to pass a driving test and buy a car or three.

    A good spoof but a spoof nonetheless , surely?

    Maybe I give 'em too much credit

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    You do give them too much credit,he should have asked her too change to a slower car so as too give them more time!or that they where thinking of putting up traffic lights ,but the deer cant press the button!!!
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    Wow. It sounds sincere enough. You couldn't make it up. Surely not. Lol

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