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Thread: Compulsory medical checks

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    If I'm reading the article correctly, there has been a huge increase in gun ownership however there are still very few (although any are of course tragic) deaths involving legally held firearms?

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    I'm sure they could then stick the cost of that on top of your FAC cost as well!
    There are also a lot of people killed each year by people that are medically unfit to drive. Where do you draw the line?

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    I saw the Sky news on this and in all fairness it seemed to me that it was a criticism of the police procedures that led to Dunblane and the Durham shootings. The piece even suggested that better PROCESS was necessary as we had the strongest controls already and further controls would impact unreasonably on lawful gun ownership. It was HMIC who were making the criticism of lack of sufficient process in the police service generally.

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    I was going to say " I'm mad about this....." but that may be an inappropriate choice of words!

    Alas with the average time stressed NHS GP who is already drowning under a raft of compliance and clinical governance, spending time to write a report or answer a query from the Police is way, way down on their list of priorities. Hence the reason why many enquiries from the licencing departments go unanswered. Couple this with the pressure we ourselves then place on the Police to return our application in good time and its little wonder these checks fall by the wayside.

    The downside to all this unfortunately is that the GP's will see this as another revenue stream that has to be funded outside of "normal" NHS prepare yourselves for essentially a private check-up and medical report to the tune of a couple of hundred of our English Pounds in order to process your application!

    GP's will be under no obligation to provide this service free of charge.....unless one of our medical colleagues on here would care to advise otherwise!

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but i believe it to be that most forces are not utilising the disclaimer we sign to say you can ask our GP if we have any mental health issues and it has been recommended that these checks are carried out every time.

    Am i correct in thinking that your GP is not required to disclose this information if they do not wish.

    I'm not against proper background checks as long as the criteria for granting don't change.


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    From the BBC article:

    "As of March last year, 734,336 people were entitled to possess and use shotguns or rifles under the legal system for licensing and certificating firearms in England and Wales. In total, these people owned more than 1.8m guns.
    Gun crime is very low in the UK - and murders and manslaughters involving shootings are relatively rare. There were 29 in the year to March 2014 - and three of those involved a legally held firearm."

    And the percentages are?

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    Are GP's remotely fit and professionally qualified to comment on mental health? I think not..the only thing they can comment on is 'in their professional opinion (having very little to do with mental health btw), if the person seems fit for gun ownership, most likely more based on their 'personal' views and judgements.

    Mental health, if it really needs to be properly commented on, should be conducted by a mental health professional.

    What I think needs to be realised is that this is a media firefight, and not a real 'situation' that needs to be dealt with..what the police will try and do is put this media fire out by promising to tighten background checks, etc. If the government wants to push through mental health checks, well, nothing's going to stop them, but I say in that instance we should ask for mental and criminal health checks to be done on people running for parlimentary positions too,,I suspect there'll be a few surprises!
    “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    And the percentages are?
    I've mentioned that on another thread, the interviewer on the Today Programme zoomed right into that with the guy from HMIC and made it pretty clear that this was a solution to a problem that didn't really exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatwouldscoobydoo View Post
    Am i correct in thinking that your GP is not required to disclose this information if they do not wish.

    Moot point....We are signing to allow the Police to access our medical records and thus de facto consenting for our GP to release such information as detailed below. Note "and/or specialist"

    Your GP may not wish to disclose this information if they feel it is potentially detrimental to the patients health/well being but bearing in mind we are dealing with firearms the GP has a duty of care to disclose any concerns if reasonably asked to do so.

    Imagine the furore if a GP declined to provide information on a psychotic depressive who then went on the rampage!

    Wording from application form!

    "I give the police permission to contact my GP and/or specialist to obtain factual details of any medical history in respect of this application. This authority is valid for the life of the certificate(s).
    I understand that my GP may share sensitive personal data with the police concerning my physical & mental health for the purpose of enabling the police to make a fully informed decision on my application & I hereby consent to this processing of my personal data. "

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