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Thread: Schmidt an Bender stalking scope

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    Schmidt an Bender stalking scope

    I'm after a nice Schmidt and Bender. 8x56 or 3-12x50 or similar
    Good condition
    30mm tube
    Illuminated or non illuminated


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    Where are all these scopes hiding!

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    Got a couple of S&B 8x56 I might separate from but they are 1"

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    Need 30mm to fit straight in my rings really

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    I just got one from SGC at 439 - cheapest i could find anywhere

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    They are 475 now. I am tempted.

    Would rather a nice condition second hand one. Cos I'm tight

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    i would beware of dealing with Dan
    seems he thinks he is Del Boy in disguise, quite the ticket

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    My mate may be getting shoot of his as he's ordered a new scope, his S & B is 8 x 56 and it's a 30 mm tube, his new one will be in tomorrow or Friday,so we'll be zeroing his new at the weekend , send me your number by PM and i'll get him to phone you,cheers Big Cat

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    Whats with the warning CWY308

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    Hi Dan you know the pm I sent well the scope arrived this morning S&B 8x56 30mm 380 new

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