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Thread: Sika antler

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    Sika antler

    Hi folks ,
    Maybe bit weird , different but I'm looking for Sika antler , my other passion is traditional jujitsu and I train with a katana , the blade is held in place traditionally with a small piece of bamboo dowel.

    But I'm worried about it failing and blade flying off whilst mid swing etc , can see the problem?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a bit of stronger dowel out of antler , and I thought Sika being Japanese oriented would be quite apt.

    So if any one has any shed or cut antler I would be wiling to buy or donate monies to chosen charity etc to try making a bit for the above mentioned.


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    How big a bit you looking for?

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    Hi Ranger , the dowel itself is not big maybe 1" by 4 or 5mm diameter ,
    My concern or lack of knowledge is thinking well is antler fibrous in the middle?
    If sow would need a bit big enough to make out of the antlers itself & not fibrous centre.....

    Please correct me if I'm wrong about " make up"


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    Sounds like a job for a small piece of Ash

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    Ranger 22 has kindly posted a bit to experiment with , I'm hoping that I can find an outer hard section thick enough to make a pin from ,
    Otherwise maybe a piece of horn from another species would be thicker
    Or wood of some description.

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    As per original post ....
    It's bamboo already , but that can dry out over time & fail

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    Buffalo Horn

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    As per original post ....
    It's bamboo already , but that can dry out over time & fail
    sorry roe antler tip,

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    Well update !
    & isn't a good one .......

    Nothing to do with antler etc , I received a beautiful Sika antler from Ranger22
    And some beautiful pieces from NOTSOSHARP

    Thank you guys

    But all attempts thoughts of this are off at moment , I snapped my Achilles Tendon last night , consultant tomorrow but looking like 3 months in a cast then rehab after that
    Maybe an op , will see

    So thanks to guys for the material and info but it's well on the back burner


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