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Thread: rws .222 ammo

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    rws .222 ammo

    Has anyone had experience of the 50 gn softpiont rws for roe ? many thanks Kev

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    tried them
    expensive, no more accurate than any other factory load in my rifle
    never got round to using them on roe as started reloading for better accuracy (and price, Christ they were expensive!)

    RWS bullets on the whole are very good quality though

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    Only shot fox with them but the cases are of very high quality so don't bin them if you don't reload as someone will take them off your hands.

    The c100 rounds I have tucked away came in chocolate box-like wrapping and the brass still has what looks like the annealing blueing on the shoulder and neck. Not highly polished at all.

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    I have Just bought 100 for 95 doesn't seem to bad

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