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Thread: Re-barrel or new rifle

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    Re-barrel or new rifle

    I have a Remington 700 PSS in .243 bought second hand 10 years or so has developed a habit of firing the first cold round about 6 inches left, then returning to sub 1 inch for next shots. I took it to Callum Ferguson, Precision Rifle Services who had a look though the rifle with camera which identified some rust spots which he advised was the probable cause of the stray shots. His solution was to either re-barrel or get a new rifle. If I went to him for the work the cost would be similar for a new barrel or a new rifle (factory specification) depending on which barrel and rifle you looked at. So the action and synthetic stock are both Remington and the trigger is Jewel, If you had 500 - 1000 to spend would you get Callum to replace the barrel or get a new Tikka, Sako or something similar? Which would be the most accurate?

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    A Remington 700? To be honest, I'd sell it and buy a new Tikka T3.....

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    I'd prefer a rebarrel. But why not try removing an inch or two off the muzzle first and see how it shoots then?

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    Rebarrel you can get a better than factory Barrel and Chamber custom cut etc to your length and threaded etc

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    Have you been using a moderator . is the corrosion near the muzzle ? If so for stalking purposes losing a few inches and recrown will be much preferred to a rebarrel . if it shoots ok then rethread and fit the mod . It's best to remove the mod every time you've shot the gun , I put the mod on a radiator at home until it's dried then lock it away, same if the rifle gets wet dry and then put away.
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    Re-barrel. Get a border put on

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    I would personally rebarrel. If your pss has a jewell trigger then that alone should get 200. You kind of take a chance buying a new rifle, some shoot better than others. You dont take a chance with Callum

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    I'd re barrel you get a nice match grade barrel and accurately cut chamber and crown threaded as you want it.

    With a jewel trigger all you need then is a nice stock and you've a very nice rifle for about the same as a factory rifle.

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    If you've got a budget in mind for a new rifle then use that budget and go for a re-barrel. You will end up with a more accurate rifle. Try GB Barrels, I hear they are good

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    Re-barrel, maybe change to 7-08 or 308 while you are at it. Look at Lothar Walther 1450 barrel profile which is just between a varmint and a sporter profile.

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