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Thread: Air rifles in Scotland

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    Air rifles in Scotland

    Already having an FAC and SGC I was going to ask a question about the legalities of taking an air rifle to Scotland after the new licensing arrangements come into effect. I found the answer on the BASC site. The answer makes no sense at all. If I am fine until my FAC and SGC are renewed, why then would I need a visitors permit after renewal? whats the difference?

    16. I live in England but come up to Scotland to shoot the rabbits on my uncle’s farm with my shotgun, .22 rimfire rifle and my air rifle. Can I still come to Scotland and bring my guns with me?

    When the legislation is in place you will still be able to come to Scotland with your shotgun, your .22 rimfire rifle and your air rifle up to the date when your Shot Gun Certificate, or Firearm Certificate, is renewed. After this date you will need to apply for a Visitors Permit for your air rifle, but not for your shot gun or .22 rimfire rifle.

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    Crazy indeed, but everyone in Scotland will need a license as will a visitor a visitors permit is nothing more than a short term license, £12 at the present time and you will need a a Scottish resident to sponsor you, they don't need to be a gun owner.

    If you are visiting several times in the year you can get a permit for eleven months or so, all,visitor permits must be for less than a year.

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    Hi as far as I understand it. Us in Scotland with SGC/FAC will be fine and not have to do anything until renewal time. Then we will have to apply for it to be added on to our certificate.

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    I rang BASC to ask was there a need for a permit for my air rifles which are on my FAC, (.177 and .22). No permit needed apparently. So I guess the answer for anyone with sub 12 lbs/ft airgun is to apply to have an airgun on their next renewal and if granted enter their existing airgun on their FAC.

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    How many pellets should I request?
    Do I need to specify wadcutter and hollowpoint separately?
    I have a .177, but will I be able to justify a larger caliber like a .22?
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    It is utter nonsense. It was a law pushed through even in the face of overwhelming evidence from all concerned that it was not needed or wanted. It will cause an utter bureaucratic nightmare.

    In response to the consultation -

    3 Top-line findings

    3.1 The respondents to this consultation (total 1,101) comprised four distinct groups:

    • Those who opposed the licensing of air weapons in principle: (n=954, 87%). This group stated their clear opposition to the introduction of licensing for air weapons in Scotland. More than half of these respondents (n=570, 60%) did not address any aspect of the consultation questionnaire; their comments focused instead on their reasons for opposing licensing. Of the remaining 384 respondents, most disagreed with the Scottish Government's specific proposals as set out in the consultation document - often simply responding with "No", "Absolutely not", or "I disagree" and making little or no further comment in relation to individual questions. Only a minority of respondents in this group engaged fully with the consultation document and provided substantive comment and suggestions in relation to the specific proposals.
    • Those who supported licensing: (n=63, 6%). This group largely supported the Scottish Government's proposals as set out in the consultation document, though sometimes with suggestions for improvement.
    • Those who supported licensing, but wanted greater restrictions: (n=36, 3%). This group was strongly in favour of licensing, but disagreed with the Scottish Government's approach, as they felt it did not go far enough. This group generally advocated greater restrictions or a full ban on air weapons (and indeed other firearms).
    • Those who expressed mixed or unclear views: (n=48, 4%). This group generally made no clear statement of their views on licensing, but largely offered constructive comments regarding the Scottish Government's proposals.

    And for those who shoot air rifles close to the border you had better be very clear where the border actually is as the penalties are pretty severe.

    Much more worryingly though is that the SNP also very nearly got the law requiring corroborating evidence in criminal prosecutions changed to one of no corroboration. Ie you can be convicted on just one small piece of evidence. That fundamentally goes against all the tenants of our criminal justice system and right to fair trial etc.

    So much for a democratic process!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah View Post
    So I guess the answer for anyone with sub 12 lbs/ft airgun is to apply to have an airgun on their next renewal and if granted enter their existing airgun on their FAC.
    thats what I will be doing!
    then winding up the pressure on the PCP to FAC levels!

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    When is it coming into effect? I've got an old BSA Meteor that's been in my Mum's loft for 25 years.

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    Tartan, April 2016

    If you put it in the wheely bin prior to that no one will know - hows that for a well thought out law?


    Scotland passes airgun bill despite big drop in airgun crime - Shooting UK

    You have to hand it to BASC, SACS and SGA who really showed what lobbying can do in the face of a egomaniac member of the banana republic of Scotland.

    All standing for Kenny MacAskill
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