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Thread: What a morning

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    What a morning

    The morning started well and normal.

    I was just unloading the last trailer load of reed with the guy that works with me when my mobile rang and a lady siad "hello Norfolk police here I wonder if I could attend a problem with a deer in Norwich".

    Turned out that a red stag had turned up in a street in the city and was causing havoc, wrecked gardens, smashed patio glass doors and windows.

    I said that I could and it would take me about half an hour what with the traffic and were the police on scene. Oh yes she said "four squad cars and a police hlicopter overhead".

    Into the house and grab two guns and slips and back to the truck. Nearly up to the truck and Debs calls out the window " they are sending a police vehicle for you".

    Oh god, last time I was in one those I was in the back and handcuffed

    Sure enough two mins later and in comes a police transit and lights flashing, "oh god what will the neighbours think"

    In goes my stuff and off we go, lights sirens the whole works and very exciting or so you would think.
    I was a bit nervous to say the least. Not at the officers driving or watching the traffic part like Moses and the red sea, just about the situation I was going to.
    I have been invoved with RTC's for 12 or more years but nothing like this.

    We arrived about ten minutes after we left, never got to Norwich so quick in my life before, must get a blue light and siren.
    The lady was right, four squad cars and a chopper overhead, no pressure then

    An RSPCA guy was there and about as much use as an ash tray on a Harley so I by passed his question and went straight for the officer in charge.

    Turned out the stag had damaged six property's and was contained in the back garden of the house we were standing outside.
    He said I could use an upstairs bedroom window that should give a safe shot but it was up to me, no more pressue then

    Up we went for a look see and down in the garden with a shed behind him was a young stag, about a two year old. Head down, breathing hard and totally exausted, a sad state.
    There was no way of getting him out as it would have been an accident waiting to happen what with the traffic and people.
    The RSPCA guy was not "qualified to dart him" whick I think would have killed the stag anyway, so it was down to me.
    The stag was about 25yds from the bedroom window and a shed behind him.
    He was looking straight at the house so a head shot was on. I told the officer that I was ready to load and take the shot, he radioed this to the other officers and gave me the go ahead.
    I shot him in the forehead and thankfully the bullet did not exit, but if it had it would or should have gone straight into his haunches. A quick end to a very sad situation.

    I told the officer to keep his people back untill I had checked the stag was dead, it was.

    In a sport stalk or cull situation no problem but this situation sucked, a sad end to a fine young animal.

    For interest, I shot him with .308 and 125grn Sierra spitzer, I took a .22 rifle just in case I could not get a kill shot but only only put him down and finish him with a little less noise.
    Yes the .308 was moderated.

    Thanks for looking, if you did


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    Now that beats any normal day at work, don't it?
    Well done Max on doing a good humane job on an already distrest deer, glad to see the RSPCA guy was realy helpful.



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    david good job well done mate
    regards pete .

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    Considering the immense pressure you were under you did a first class job
    well done big man
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    Well done Max, good job the police have some good practical people to rely on in those situations. Out of interest can you give us any idea how and why the stag got into the predicament you found him in? Was it just a question of having wandered into the place by mistake or was there more to the situation?
    I once had to deal with a stag that was in a paint shop in South Molton. Put there by the staghounds. Actually not too difficult; backed livestock trailer up to door, went in, got behind stag and popped him into trailer, shut door and took him back to where they had found him and let him go.
    In your situation, if the stag was as stressed up as you say then I agree he was better off shot.

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    Well done max it sounds like you handled the situation admirably

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    I have tried getting through traffic in Norwich when my brother lived in Southrepps, sounds like you have the answer

    Seriously though, well done on keeping your head and dealing with the situation as you did! You should be proud

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    What was your load max? I need something like that for my RTA's and the bigger ones I have to deal with.


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    Well done Max you did yourself and stalking a power of good the word will spead.

    Just out interest what would they have done if you didnt take on the responsablity.

    you handled the situation really well.

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    well done mate not a pleasant job but one that had to be done luckily by some one who knows what they are doing.

    atb gadget

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