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Thread: Harkila upland wellies

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    Harkila upland wellies

    Hi all could anyone or does anyone on here happen to know if these are ever going to be launched properly? I'm in need of some new wellies and have been holding out for these, but I can't get any sense of availability? Just wondered if anyone was in the know? Any input greatly relieved

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    Hi Tuck

    Ive just been chatting to Harkila, the wellies are not going into production. we would recommend the Seeland Leather lined Estate boots. i have attached a link to our webpage
    Rugged & Tough

    Hope this helps

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    Ok thanks for the info, I suspected that something must be up with them.

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    Harkila clothing heard great reports ,
    Harkila footwear exact opposite , bad reports , poor gear fails quickly from my exposure to them


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    I have a pair on order from a retailer, I spoke to them last week, they said delivery was expected in November, so don't know what to think now!

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    Just to clarify:
    Upland was never made, it was put in to the catalogue in 2014 as it was expected to be in production. However, as with all companies, catalogue creation has to be months ahead of the season, due to all the challenges that some catalogue companies face, artwork, narrative, prices etc and then factories being able to make what they commited to make a year earlier. Upland was booked and planned 100% by Harkila, but they were let down at the 11th hour by the happens sadly. Upland is not being made....Bramble switch to the Seeland or request a refund if you have already paid as your order will not be fulfilled

    Harkila have two agents and their own teams in the UK. Ewan who covers the north and Scotland and Simon who covers the Midlands and South and also Southern Ireland.

    Simon was in our store today doing staff training on the new seasons arrivals, so this info is as fresh as it gets.

    Our phone number is 01525 2211488 if you have any questions or need advise.

    Rugged & Tough
    Rugged & Tough's Online Store

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    Thanks R&T, thats cleared that up, will have a look at Seeland, cheers

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    I've had numerous Seeland clothing items like jackets and trousers non have been up to standard, there basically one step up from the jack pyke crap you sweat yourself to death in the quality isn't the best either, so the footwear I'd steer clear of judging by there more premium brand Harkila can't get there footwear right, compared to the German brands on boots Meindl, Lowa, Hanwag the Harkila kit either starts leaking or fails much quicker... your basically paying for a name, not quality or performance. Just my opinion.

    If your looking for some decent wellies, I'd recommend Aigle Parcours Iso as they have more foot support than a lot of other wellies and there warm enough for winter, and won't break the bank.
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