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Thread: Elbar 12g SxS side plate game shotgun

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    Elbar 12g SxS side plate game shotgun

    Up for sale is a Elbar 12g SxS shotgun with 28inch barrels ( I will have to check on that )

    scroll engraved and dark case colour hardened side plates

    it has ejectors rather than lifters

    the stock is a straight hand I believe

    also un cut stock so checkered butt stock and silver disk on bottom of stock for initials

    this gun is tight and like new condition wise and perfect for the game season it's had virtually no use whatsoever

    for for sale due to lack of use

    I can email pictures

    im asking 250
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    What a shame your so far away, I would definitely had that you don't get up to Yorkshire do you by any chance?

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    All pics have been sent who have asked for them

    and no I don't travel around unfortunately

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