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Thread: Boyds Riflestocks

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    Boyds Riflestocks

    Like many on here, I've been casting covetous eyes on a replacement stock on their website.
    The time has arrived when I am able to justify the purchase so I started the process last night.
    I was partway through the ordering process when I realised that there was something not quite as it was on my previous drooling visits.
    It took a few seconds to realise that Boyds have put up their prices. The Lightweight Thumbhole Stocks that were $100, so falling within the export threshold, are now $129.
    I will leave you to decide what I said next.......

    Anyone got any idea if Boyds have a UK agent yet?
    I don't think so.
    If only I knew what Plan B was.

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    There are a couple of UK companies that seem to resell Boyds, but at £185 you're better off buying from the US!
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    That was the original plan. Unfortunately the price increase means that is no longer an option so £185 is more bearable under those conditions.

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    I might be wrong but after UK import tax I don't think you save much on £185. Pretty sure South Yorkshire Shooting supplies do them.

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    Yes I got two last year and were £129 posted to me each

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    Bad luck! But lucky for me - ordered a stock from Boyds recently and it cleared UK customs this morning apparently! I've got one on an HMR and that came from South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies.

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    Thank you for the suggestion, gentlemen. I've just sent off an enquiry and am waiting with fingers crossed( which has no discernible effect on the quality of my typing��).

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    A very fast response from SYSS. Unfortunately... They only order one batch a year and that won't be in the foreseeable future.

    now. What was Plan D???

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    Hi John have you tried each design in the stock you were after as the said to me that they have only put up certain ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairlesshunter View Post
    Yes I got two last year and were £129 posted to me each

    Just received a one couple days ago and was £137.00 including delivery and tax.
    Have to do a bit of work on it as it does not sit quite right into inset around the trigger.
    Could really do with a Dremmel to take away some of the wood but will just pick away with small sharp wood chisel as its not that much. I have also found that the bolt that goes through the trigger guard to the action is not long enough but maybe it will be when I get the action seated correctly. If not will have to look for a longer bolt

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