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Thread: 21st Century Shooting neck turning lathe

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    21st Century Shooting neck turning lathe

    For those who haven't seen it before, here is a closer look at the 17-338 neck lathe from 21st Century Shooting.

    Facebook: Neck turning lathe

    and a link to our page: Neck turning lathe from JDR

    Like all their stuff, this is beautifully made and put together. The lathe set up for one calibre is 279.75 and other calibres can be added on by swapping out the neck turner and caseholder/driver, or sometimes just by changing the cutter.

    When you buy one, we'll get back in touch to check what calibre(s) you want.

    Well worth a look!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 21CS Lathe 6.jpg   21CS Lathe 4.jpg   21CS Lathe 2.jpg  
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