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Thread: DSC2 certificate...

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    DSC2 certificate...

    Just got my DSC2 certificate through the post. In retrospect it was an enjoyable experience, and I'd like to thank Jim Riley and his team over in Chippenham for their very fair witnessing. I'd thoroughly recommend Jim, both for witnessed and non-witnessed stalks.

    Thanks also to the team at BASC who handled the administrative aspects very efficiently.


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    Out of curiosity how long did it take from submission until getting you certificate - I've been waiting since the beginning of June...

    (oh and congratulations!)

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    I posted the portfolio to BASC on 22 July, got the phone call on 17 August. Time for a call to your Assessment Centre?

    (and thanks!)

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    Just wondering could it be the dreaded BASC Mislaying a portfolio.
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    I got a notification of the portfolio's safe arrival and I spoke to the centre - they said give it a couple more weeks. The assessor is probably struggling with the handwriting!!

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    Congrats mate,



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    All the Assessors that I know have rather demanding day jobs and some are even required to work globally so most, if not all, hold-ups are due to the assessor.
    That is what I have found from my experience as an AW with any of the portfolios that I have completed, there may be other reasons too.

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