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Thread: calipers

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    Guys, dropped my calipers last night, they were a cheap set from maplins, just going to buy new, any views on best value for money for a good set?
    Regards Neil

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    Go Mitutoyo or Tesa - last you for life - I've had my Tesa combination set (0-30mm digi mic - 0-150mm caliper) for just over 20 years and they've not missed a beat.

    Mind you, I haven't dropped them!
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    This is the model I have as it kind of matches the green of the RCBS press etc:

    How sad is that!

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    If you are looking at budget digital ones, do search for and buy those with auto power off. They are all in the 20 area.

    When I could no longer read my vernier Mitutoyos without glasses, I bought some digital ones. But between me and my assistant leaving them on (I blamed him, and he blamed me) every time I opened the box they had a flat battery.

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    I have these, very well made & no plastic bits!
    6" / 150mm Digital Vernier Calipers (Large Display) ALL STAINLESS STEEL CE

    Item price 16.98
    Quantity 1
    Item number 350393554107
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    I have Brown and Sharp, Starrett, Mitutoyo, but for reloading and most work, the iGaging OriginGauge 6-inch digital 0.0001 resolution is a bargain for $ $38.00 USD.

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    Have a look at Cromwell tools own brand "Kennedy" they are actually Mitutoyo with a Kennedy name stamp on them but at around a third cheaper then Mitutoyos.


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    Mine came from Aldi, or was it Lidl?

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