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Thread: new member-cumbria

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    new member-cumbria

    just joined site seemed good.

    I have been shooting since v. small mainly pheasant,
    got into stalking few years back, now got my FAC, .17 , .22lr, 22-250, 30-06

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    welcome jjaeban,not many cumbrians on here, have you recovered from the floods yet ,or were you one of the lucky ones who were not affected.
    I live just down the road in whitehaven, happy stalking.

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    we were mostly ok, lost about 1km of riverside fencing on the derwent.
    How did u fare down the road?

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    not to bad then, fencing is easier to replace than personnel belongings and houses etc but still bad enough.
    we were ok , the only problems for me were the bridges collasping, I lost a bit of shooting due to not being able to travel, but my troubles were nothing compared to some people.
    lets hope its a long, long time before we get rain like that again.

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    Ye hope I never see rain like that again.
    I feel very lucky not live in the valley bottom, would have lost everything if we did.
    still people not back in their houses in cockermouth.

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