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Thread: Fitting reversing sensors to a pick up

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    Fitting reversing sensors to a pick up

    All things going to plan I'll be picking up a new (to me at least) pick up next week. I happen to have a reversing sensor kit from another vehicle that was never fitted and I plan to fit it to the pick up.

    One issue sue I see arising is how to neatly get the buzzer part of the kit into the cabin. In a car it's easy as all the wiring is done from inside the rear light cluster and so already inside the cabin, obviously in a pick up this isn't the case.

    Has as anyone fitted a kit to their pick up and if so how did you run the buzzer wire into the cab?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was going to do the same. There's a guy who does it locally and he sent me this pic of how it would look.

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    I installed a "Parking Partner" kit back in 2005 to a LRD Double Cab:

    1. Readout/alarm unit was installed in the dashboard ashtray aperture. Simply took the lid off and it fitted snug as a tick in the groin! Cable down through dash into bulkhead.
    2. Ran all signal cabling within copex to a point behind rear chassis crossmember and into a splitter box. Copex clipped every 12 along inner side of chassis using ss fixings.

    3. From the two splitter box outlets ran the individual feed cables (within ss mini copex) to their respective left and right sensors beneath the rear crossmember.

    Too difficult to explain how I made and fitted custom sensor mounts out of aluminum or managed to get the ss copex fully integrated but I can put up a picture later.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I'm trying to find out where or how you get the wire from outside into the cabin. Is there a drain hole or something similar that the wire can be ran through somewhere? I don't really want to make a new hole somewhere and want it to be tidy and waterproof so not just through the door seal etc

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    What pickup is it? The classic shape l200 has a gromit in the floor on the passenger side that wires can be run through.

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    No need to go to the reverse lamp with the wire to the buzzer just go straight to the reverse light switch on the gearbox and then run the wire through one of the gromets in the bulk head

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    My reversing sensor was really easy it's a Witter with 50mm ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingy View Post
    My reversing sensor was really easy it's a Witter with 50mm ball
    Very true but rather than preventing damage to my pick up I'm worried about smashing the tow ball through other things!

    It's going to be a Mazda BT50 TS2 on an '09. Think I may have to wait and see and have a look through the cabin when I get it to see if there are any easy access gromits or drain plugs etc.

    I hadn't thought about connecting to the gear box but looking at the kit the main control box needs to be near the sensors so will have to be mounted somewhere near the back .

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    What about a wireless reversing camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    What about a wireless reversing camera?
    That is a good suggestion and probably much easier to fit but I have a kit already at home so wanted to use that rather than buy another kit, although that may be a better option.

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