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Thread: Sako quad .22LR synthetic complete outfit

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    Sako quad .22LR synthetic complete outfit

    Up for sale is a sako quad .22LR synthetic complete with a millet 6-18 x 44 AO scope 4a type ret and swift knightingale over barrel mod and some ammo

    the rifle and mod are less than 4 months old they were baught brand new and they have had less than 700 rounds thru by myself , it was baught and is now not required comes with original box and everything above ready to use

    supurb accuracy as to be expected from a sako I could arrange for you to try befour you buy if you wished too which is not a problem

    im asking 450 complete outfit RFD extra

    i can email photos
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    Weren't you trying to swap a Finnfire for one of these 7 weeks ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrooloose View Post
    Weren't you trying to swap a Finnfire for one of these 7 weeks ago?
    Yes that is correct and the finnfire was sold and collected by a chap off here and I think he was very happy with it

    my rifles are to use not cabinet queens the finnfire was too nice to use and get scratched up I was willing to swap it for a quad I never stated if I had another one

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    Maybe I had a monent of madness with the price now dropped to a more sensible one

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    PM sent

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