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    Level 2

    Hi all just going to regester for my leve 2 whos the best to go with any info and are ther any accredeted witnesses on here willing to help???? cheers Neil

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    who you register with in unimportant because registering is about getting your hands on a portfolio to start collecting evidence. Register quite quick though before the edition 6 portfolios come in because you will only be able to use AW's to witness when this happens. If you get the portfolio before june 1st you can still use CW's to do 2 of the 3 stalks. ATB

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    I would strongly recomend BASC rather than B*S. I am an AW for the scheme and feel that BASC are far better at this. However ths scheme is is going through a re vamp kind thing as of the 1st Of June.

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    I would agree with big yan but by far the best is north highland college

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    where did that come from robbo you were at catterick on satuday its all done to same standard dictated by DMQ you can use any Accredtited/approved witness from any organisation NGO, BASC,BDS,Collages,St Huberts club et al.

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    Sorry I am unsure who Robbo is but nobody said you couldn't use AW's from any organisation. All we said was BASC was better than B*S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Yan View Post
    Sorry I am unsure who Robbo is but nobody said you couldn't use AW's from any organisation. All we said was BASC was better than B*S
    Are you suggesting that BASC AW's are better the BDS AW's?
    If so, I'd like to know what grounds you base this on?
    All AW's should be of the same standard wherever they are administered from.
    Ultimately they all come under the DMQ umberella anyway. There will always be differences between personalities which is human nature, but to suggest that AW's from one organisation are better than others is questionable?
    As for the admin side, I've found the follow-up on a portfolio to be much more thorough from the BDS Assessors than the BASC ones. I was previously administered by BASC but have requested that it be changed to the BDS as I was given the option at the AW brief I attended recently.

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    the point i was trying to make is the paperwork has been submitted to all of the assessors is in my experience a smoother and usually quicker process through the north highland college then basc then bds..
    so much so i asked to be registered to the NHC on saturday, and i always recomend anyone asking MY opinion to register with them.
    this is just my experience in doing over 30 portpholios
    thanks john.
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    So whos the best and quickest to regester with cheers Neil????

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    No quick answer here with the upgrades the system is up in the air.
    you pays your money and you takes your choice.
    I would still say NHC.
    just my opinion.

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