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Thread: Company director car allowance

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    Company director car allowance

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the average value per month a company director would get in the construction industry?

    I guess it would depend on the size of the company and responsibilities etc but a rough idea would do if poss. Or maybe a percentage of the annual salary so it goes up as the salary increases,


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    Not many go for company cars nowadays as the tax you pay is really high, its more common to buy the car yourself and then charge a mileage to teh company.
    Only other way is if the car is a pool car in which case no tax is payable

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    Sorry I don't mean an actual company car, but a sum paid as part of a salary package per month/annum instead, which would allow them to either buy a car outright or get a lease hire, etc,

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    45 pence a mile, is what my accountant allows me against Tax.

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    Different industry but my company pays managers 900 per month for car purchase/lease.

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    8k a year car allowance in construction (steel erecting manager)

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    ...there are a LOT of variables (company size/profitability/etc), but in the region of 800-900/month for a Director I'd have thought.

    A lot of people think a company car is 'free' - it isn't, it is a benefit-in-kind and anyone considering a co car if they haven't had one before needs to be fully aware of their personal tax liability arising out of taking this benefit. Monthly car allowance + mileage is an option, but bear in mind that HMRC approved mileage rates have a differential (downwards!) after the first 10,000 miles in a tax year.

    A pool car CAN'T be used as anything other than exactly that, ie a pool car. HMRC have a very specific and strict set of guidelines re what constitutes a pool car, and when it's use would result in it being treated as a co car - with the tax implications that brings.
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    Agree that somewhere between 700 and 1200 per month would be a director level car allowance
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    Blimey more than I thought, thanks. The company is a small ish family run business with about 25 employees and a turnover of about 3.5 mil and expanding
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    Based on my experiences somewhere between 400-800/month with the company covering insurance and then either you claiming the 0.45 per mile from company or claiming it on tax return.

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