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Thread: Tika 690.

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    Tika 690.

    Hi guy's. I'm going to look at a tikka 690 in 6.5x55 on Saturday. I was just wondering what people's general views were on them? Any things to look out for on these particular rifles? Cheers.

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    I've a 695 in that caliber brilliant rifles imo.

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    I've also got 695 i 65x55 action is smooth as silk and they look better than a t3 go for it.Dave

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    What's the difference between a 690 and 695? I know the breech hole on the 690 is smaller. Other than that though?

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    You don't say how much but get it very appreciated and sort after now... got a M695 in 30-06 superb action silky smooth... T3 no thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon2206 View Post
    What's the difference between a 690 and 695? I know the breech hole on the 690 is smaller. Other than that though?
    No difference just smaller port
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    I've a 690 in it.

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    I have a 695 deluxe in 270, brilliant. I've been asked if I'll sell it a few times

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    I have a 690. It was bought back when JLS were the Importers. It started life as a 6.5x55 and is now a 6.5x284. Only problems I have had is a new extractor (according to Norman Clarke it was fitted with the wrong one at the Factory!) and the pin that holds the Bolt release in place broke.
    Super smooth Bolt.


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    I am having one built in 280ai gaging for it after trying out Tis1979's one shoots and handles just about right . just wish I could find a plastic stock

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