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    Hello and how do,

    Im into stalking and fly fishing so just trying to make new mates and find different locations for stalking or fishing if not both hobbies.

    Im living in the north west England .

    I found this site quite interesting reading and decided to enlist .


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    Welcome Kilo yankey. I am sure you will find wha t you are looking for, here, and more.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Another from Lancs!!

    Welcome to SD!

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    8th post and no one has obliged the new "member" about the significance of KY

    Something must be slipping in the standards here....


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Aussie View Post
    Welcome KY... It's interesting how many people who shoot also fish, it's almost an extension at times.
    To me, fishing was the gateway drug, but they're the same thing really...

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    Roger that Kilo Yankee. Will be interested to hear about your trips to the field.

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    KY reminds me of when I was SCUBA diving a bit. KY jelly was also the chosen lubricant for getting the seals of a dry suit to seat comfortably. Anyway a young lady got to a village in Mid Wales and realised she had forgotten her KY jelly so went into the local pharmacy to get some. Much to the consternation of the little old lady behind the counter, on being offered a small tube she said: "Well that will barely last until lunchtime let alone the whole weekend"


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