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Thread: Ford Ranger transmission

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    Ford Ranger transmission

    If anyone has a Ford Ranger with a 'clonky' transmission, may I suggest that you get it looked at ASAP. Mine had been doing it on gear selection for quite a while, but I managed to ignore it as "just a Ford thing".

    It was only when a severe vibration started up at 60 MPH plus that I got around to taking it in. They'd seen if before - "Don't drive that another foot, or you'll be on your roof" - where not only was a UJ totally stuffed but the prop shaft yoke was smashed on one side.

    Really frightening to look at, and expensive to fix.

    Of course the service guys got a good laugh out of it, coming as it does after a senior moment put a wrinkle or two all the way down one side last year.

    But honestly, who has never ditched a truck as the lane bends away unseen while you're tracking a group of fallow over your left shoulder!

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    Not restricted to the ranger can happen with any vehicle, worn uj should show up at service before they get anywhere near that stage, mind you I should heed my own advice as I have had one come a drift and the prop came up through the floor.

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    Havent you got a picture for us of the prop shaft yoke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    Havent you got a picture for us of the prop shaft yoke?
    Missed it, sorry, must have been in shock. One side of the yoke more-or-less complete, the other side had bits missing. Not at all clever!

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    Never happens to Land Rovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Never happens to Land Rovers
    Ok I'll bite;
    My previous history of landrovers seriously says otherwise.

    How about the time when I bust the rear diff pinion off road and so promptly drove it home (with a caravan on the back) using the front axle. 50 mile from home and the front prop yoke starts to give up.

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    or my m8.s missus having her gearbox shear off in a carpark on trying to drive off.but theres nowt wrong with Landies
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    "I wish I bought a Landy instead", said no hilux owner ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Never happens to Land Rovers
    You're right. And that's lucky, because my 'other' wagon is one of the last of the soft dash Range Rovers, powered by a Rotrex supercharged 4.8 V8. Proper (i.e. non-air) suspension, all-modular drive shafts for when they give up and snap, and as horribly quick as a 140MPH cathedral.

    It's the sleeper that gave birth to the phrase "Is adrenalin brown?"

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