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Thread: Fitting a scope rail

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    Fitting a scope rail

    I picked up my new rifle recently, a Howa 1500 in .308, which to my surprise came with a Niko Sterling rail. It's the rail that's offered as part of the kit deal. I don't have rings or even a scope yet but thought I'd fit the rail anyway. There are two longer screws and two shorter screws which appear to be too short no matter which hole they go in. The rail was new in the packet which clearly states it's for this rifle. What's worse is I don't think the rail fits either. The longer screws will fit two in the front or two in the back but I can't get front and back at the same time. Am I doing something stupid or should I just buy a new rail?



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    Sounds like you have a duff/incorrect rail. Needs to be fitted correct way arround, and also before you fit it check that your rings fit on it as some are over size.

    Suggest you go back to gun shop or give UK distributor a ring and get it sorted. It could be that you have a Remmy 700 one which will not fit a HOWA. if you are stuck I do have a brand new unused Howa 1500 S/A rail.


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