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Thread: Reminiscing

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    Just some things you remember that shows the difference in life between 40 years ago and today

    making a steery
    wearing the sole of your shoes out stopping the above!
    trying to find that perfect bit of holly to make a good catty
    making clothes peg crossbows using the elastic bands from the postie
    making arrows from a stick and attaching a nail to the end using melted tar from the road
    brick traps
    catching sparrows and starlings using a bin lid trap, a proper galvanised bin lid not these useless plastic things
    having a pet crow/maggie
    getting a spar every year and walking the hedge rows terrorising the local bird population
    Every pond had newts and frogs in and usually a good population of crucian carp, always stunted there were that many in the pond.
    making a fishing rod from a length of stick (not sure what it's called but it had a soft pith in the middle)
    tying bits of fishing line together to make a length long enough to get a good 12ft out with a piece of quill and shot and hooks found on the cut towpath.

    what do you remember pishing about with as a kid?
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    Bloody hell some of those takes me back, just a couple more
    Minnow traps from 2L plastic pop bottles
    Knock a door run
    Making a good den in the woods
    Endless hours riding around the streets on a push bike made from scrap bits with odd sized wheels which looked cool

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    brilliant thread.
    taking dace home in jam jars (for the 5 mins they would survive)
    crossbows from 2x3 with nails in, and the postie's eleastic bands.
    shooting unsuspecting critturs with gat gun / diana mod19/ black widow but usually missing (with no back stop!)
    camping in march and being surprised a tent with no ground sheet / thin sleeping bag was cold
    carrying a plywood double canoe miles to launch where we could get into water we were too young to fish according to the fishing club rules

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    70 yard ice slides in the playground:

    Under-nourished kids in shorts and steel-shod shoes heaving bucket loads of water from the ablutions onto already frozen tarmac.

    There seemed to be a fatal attraction with head injuries when I was a lad!


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    GameBoy and supermario brothers.......

    seriously, (and judging by some of the previous comments, I'm somewhat younger...):

    spending hours sorting through owl pellets to make up small rodents skeletons

    being allowed a really silly sharp pen knife which went everywhere with me and accounted for numerous cuts on my fingers (but I didn't die from them or try and stab anyone).

    Indoor fireworks, now what ever happened to them??? (and what was the point in them.....?) maybe the second comment answers the first..

    Collecting fuel stamps to be able to get a really crap digital watch or T-shirt.
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    making a trollie out of an old silver cross pram,preferably with the springs on as they where heavy duty ,and flaming arrows out of dried out bullrushes!!!,,,,,trollie aka soapbox for the lads over the pond,
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    Speeding down the steep hill with the blind corner at the bottom. Some years later a lad was killed doing the same...

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    Zapping woodlice with refracted sunlight from the base of a broken milk bottle until they burst into flames.

    I never took a HEAD SHOT though!

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    catching baiters , then walking three miles there and three miles back along the canal to go piking on horrocksies! a lake stuffed with pike!the day after,

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    spending all weekend in your trollies,no not the same trollie as above,covered in midges and stinking too high heaven scraping bloodworm from the mud for the match fishermen on the canal,or turning dry cowpats over for the brandlings,
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