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Thread: Sierra 125 SPT and VV N140

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    Sierra 125 SPT and VV N140

    Hi, can someone please help with a load for the above in .308.

    I have searched around and not found the data reqd.

    Looking around have seen peoples own loads from 43.1gr up to 47gr, but would like to know the lower and upper loads, before I start.

    I have previously used VV n133 before, but was advised I could do better with the n140 so here goes.

    Thanks, Alan.

    ( ooops, Thanks Eldon, spent a while trying to get it right. )
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    Viht 2014 reloading manual
    Fill your boots.
    There is a load listed for 125g bullet with N140 but I'd say it's perhaps a little on the slow side for that bullet hence the F for full case.

    Personally, I wouldn't go as low as 43gr with this combo as I'd be very surprised if you got effective obturation and it's below min book.

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    I used 44g n140 with a 125g Nosler and it bugholed straight away. Didn't get any problems with sooty cases but it was a light load so could be increased slowly whilst watching for pressure signs

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    Thanks chaps, That will get me started now.


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    When I used 130 bullets in my 308, I used 48gr of BL-C 2, a great round.

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    I am using 45g of Viht 135 with success with 125g Sierra bullets

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