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Thread: SACS Membership, Thanks Stalking Directory.

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    SACS Membership, Thanks Stalking Directory.

    Hiya, Just renewed my SACS membership last week, got my new card in today.

    Just like to thank the SD.... When I mentioned to the smashing lass on the other end of the phone, that I was a member of The SD, the membership fee went down from 40 to 32... so, theirs my first "SD Supporters" contribution more than covered...

    Great work by both organisations...

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    Nice One Norrie1956,
    I have been with SACS for a good few years now and can honestly say are brilliant, could not meet a nicer man than Ian and I would like to send my best wishes to him on his retirement but due to my phone going haywire and losing his personal Mobly Number i will need to pay him a wee personal visit and Next Time i renew i will state that i am also a member of SD to hopefully better the previous excellent price that i paid. win win i think.

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    Every year i renew my SACS, every year i forget about the SD and pay the 40. lmao. oh well.

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