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Thread: Weekend stalking with Roedinator

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    Weekend stalking with Roedinator

    Hi All
    Just a quick post to say thanks to Roedinator (Pete).

    After a few pm's and phone calls and "MAX" off the site telling me what a crap shot he was I invited Pete up for a stalk. That has been covered previously in another post.

    Last weekend found Andy and I driving down to Somerset on Saturday afternoon for a return trip.
    We arrived an Pete's to a warm welcome from his lovely family and more importantly BACON SARNIES

    A couple of hours later we set off Andy with Pete's son and me with Pete.

    Pete and I sat up a highseat waiting for a nice buck he had been watching, we sat until about half an hour before dark. Pete then said he might be in the next field lay out of the wind so after a short stalk we found ourselves peering around a gateway at a very nice 6 point buck lay down about 130 yards up the grass field.
    I crawled through the gateway and got set up on the bipod and waited for him to stand up. I was lay down confidently thinking to myself he will stand up have a stretch and BANG should have known better than to get too cocky.
    A few minutes later a cock pheasant appeared the other side of the field the buck whipped his head around and was fixed on the pheasant, a few second later he was up and shot across the field very aggressively towards the pheasant (or in his head rival buck i think ) He stopped short of the pheasant when he realised his mistake which gave me my chance and after short dash he was on the floor.

    A very nice 6 pointer.

    We went back to Petes for our dinner which was cooked by his lovely wife and to find out Andy had been lucky and shot two.

    The following morning it was a wet start which didnt help our cause, Pete and I had a good stalk but no luck.

    Andy on the other hand was just bloody greedy but I will let him add his account.

    thanks Pete it was a pleasure to stalk with you and many thanks to your lovely family who welcomed us so warmly.

    Your a top bloke despite what David (Max) says about you

    Cheers Wayne

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    nice one

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    Nicely done one and all


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    Nice going oh great Ninja.

    A good trip all round.


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    Well done all,sounds like you had a good weekend,nice looking buck too

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    hi wayne
    really pleased you enjoyed your weekend it was a pleasure to take the two
    of you out .
    it was also pleaseing for number one son to get andy into so many deer seeing it
    was the first time he had guided anyone might be time to hang up me sticks

    as for that bloody max i might be a crap shot but at least i dont have to shoot
    my deer in someones back garden
    hes definitely getting a chinese for dinner when hes down again

    I thought andy was your mate but after last weekend im not so sure
    I think hes getting his own back about that slope dope

    have a good un this weekend mate ATB PETE .

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    Hi Pete

    Quality over quantity mate, alway's been my motto

    You been out again???

    I've had a busy week took Stu (Ezzy 6.5) out on the Fallow Tuesday night shot a buck fawn and then a 6 point Roebuck on our Fallow ground, Andy not to be left out shot a pricket.

    I'm out again tonight but leaving that greedy bugger behind

    Off back down your way the weekend with Jon, only told the missus last night Shes well happy

    I know what you mean about that David its getting bad when you got to get the police to round them up before you can get close enough to hit 'em

    Cheers Again mate.

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    Well done roedinator it couldnt have been easy having the two hereford hoodlums to keep an eye on at the same time
    Seriously though it sounds like you all had a great time well done.

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