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Thread: How to shoot light rifles

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    How to shoot light rifles

    Saw this on Nitro Express. Interesting Article

    American Rifleman | How to Shoot Light Rifles

    And at the opposite end of the scale - shooting the new Rigby 416

    American Hunter | Rigby Returns

    Now how do I persuade my FLO and the Mrs Heym that one of those is needed.

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    The light rifles do nowt for me (not too many mountains around here) but the modern Rigby's are very much up my street. Not too dear either considering, ~8000 here before you tick boxes, try doing that at Westley Richards. Admittedly the Rigby's are less fancy but one hell of a working gun don't you think!They're also doing a run of .275's in homage to Jim Corbett which would be a lovely special rifle to bring out a few times a year in the rut or similar.
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    You can have the best of both worlds in a gently used classic rifle made by the name shops, or by top solo gunmakers, like a custom Mauser fullstock carbine, or a custom rifle built on 1903 Springfield. Some of the solo builders are as good as any of the top companies.

    Here is a Nagorski Mauser in 8x57IS, 20-inch full stock, not fancy wood, but all original. It was about 1/5 the price of a used Rigby or Westley Richards. And many have AAA wood, if you want to jump into the $5,000 range. There are enough of these in the USA, and they can be shipped to a gunshop in the UK which has a shop in the US, for just a handling fee, as they are always shipping back and forth.
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