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Thread: bramble gin

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    bramble gin

    SWAMBO and I made a very successful batch of sloe gin last year and will be doing the same again shortly. Flushed with that success Karen has suggested a batch of bramble gin as well this year. There are a good crop of brambles around so sourcing ingrediants will be no problem.

    However we do not have a recipt for bramble gin or know if it can be done. Has anyone tried this and if so can they share recipts, successes, pitfalls etc. we want them to be Christmas presents so need to get it as right as possible first time.

    thanks in advance


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    Exactly the same as Sloe gin,just substitute Blackberries for Sloe berries and when bottling add sugar to taste,my experience says the more sugar the better,very syrupy= sweet and moreish!!

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    Brambles and whiskey seem to go together better than the white spirits, same process and quantities, done now will be ready for Christmas.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, we will try some bramble whisky as a test this year for a proper batch as presants next years. SBM

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    Bramble whisky - 1lb brambles, 1bott whisky, 3oz sugar and a slighly squished almond. Leave until Christmas or so. Add more sugar then if necessary - depends on your taste and how sweet the brambles are.

    Bottled September sunshine - yum.
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    Following my initial post we have made the following, Sloe Gin, Sloe Vodka, Blackberry whisky, Bramble Whisky and Blackberry Vodka. Apart from the Sloe Gin which we have made before the rest are tests and depending on results proper production will begin next year. 5 litres of experimentation which hopefully means a merry winter will be had. regards and thanks for the replies. SBM

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    Sloe whisky too ....WOW


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    Any soft fruit and any spirit works , fruit and spirit contents are the same only thing you might need to alter is the amount of sugar.

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    Never leave your Blackberry's in the spirit for longer than 10 weeks and mix 50/50 with tart Apples for a Gin with good body.

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    with Brambles you can speed the Job up massively by making a basic jam out ot the fruit and sugar needs only 7 day to get it drinkable but as usual Leave it to mature for longer if you can

    A method bu a friend of mine

    Blackberry Brandy - Page 2

    Oh Coffee vodka with Whole beans and Dark sugar is very nice to
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