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Thread: Stalking trousers.

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    Stalking trousers.

    Can anyone recommend me some decent stalking trousers. It would be good if I could choose the leg size as well as the waist. Any ideas ???

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    Good quality at reasonable prices and they come with a raw leg length.

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    Laksen buck or fox. If you can get them for close to @ 100 mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highland stalker View Post

    Good quality at reasonable prices and they come with a raw leg length.
    Yes I've just bought Fjallraven Vidda's - brilliant. From Cotswold Outdoor

    Or Roger at Jaegersport/Field Moor and Stream has loads of raw leg length Fjallravens at competetive prices.
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    Cheers lads I will have a look into them

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    I've got 2 pairs of Harkila - the Mountain Trek and a pair of Pro Hunters. The latter are too warm for all weathers, but the former are a really nice pair of non-waterproof trousers. Nice pockets, good fit and highly recommended.

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    Agree with what's already been said about Fjallraven. Their G-1000 clothing is very good and comes in a variety of weights and water resistance, have a look at the various offerings on their website including the hunting section:

    Ebay Germany is a good place to get a deal but some online European retailers do good prices and additional money off offers if you sign up to their newsletters:
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    Just to back up the Fjallraven bit go for ones with poppers on the pocket flaps which are quieter in use than the more common velcro closures.

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    Anyone tried the Beretta trousers?
    brown bear I think are 100 - They would be brown if I saw a bear... :-)

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    ha ha - pre-dyed to hide one's fear! Do they have elasticated ankles a la exam trouser?

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