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Thread: 7mm or 30-06

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    7mm or 30-06

    Need a bit of help. On low land reds which calibre would you go for out of 7mm rem mag and 30-06?

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    Good question. Both are ideal, the .30-'06 Springfield might be a bit more acceptable to the Police if you need to get a variation. Also, a .30-'06 can be easily made from an old .270 win action of which there are plenty to had a good prices. 1-200 for a shot out .270 plus 5-600 for a new barrel and you've got a great, semi-custom rifle. 7mm Rem Mag (or .300 win mag) are not 'military' calibres which could have a bearing if you ever want to take it to europe. JC

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    I would go for the 30/06 (in fact, I just did), unless you plan to shoot the deer at longish ranges.

    For normal stalking, 2oom and under, there is no need for a magnum. However, if you want a magnum, and you just want a bit of moral support, by all means, have at it.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    How far is longish? We kill rahter large deer out to 300 yards with a 30-06 with no worries other than making the shot. With a 150 grain bullet at 2950 fps it lacks nothing trajectory-wise
    .Click image for larger version. 

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    The deer on the left was taken at 315 yards with a single shot from a 30-06.~Muir

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    I would go for 30-06, more variety of bullets, more common round.

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    30.06 everytime

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    30-06. It's all the gun you'll ever need. 168 gns target bullets for the range. 125 gns ballistic tips @ 3400 ft per second for wily, wild fallow. In this household we call the latter load 'the leveller' on account of how it evens the odds against fallow that bunch up in the middle of the field and think they're safe.
    KevinF -

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    .30 Springfield gets my vote. No belt and ammo is cheaper too.

    .30 Springfield of course is 30-06

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    Add my vote to the 30.06 probably a good bit cheaper to run than the 7mm mag and not short by much in performance. There are a lot of good secondhand rifles to be had at reasonable prices.


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    another vote for .30 06

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