The headline report from here on sunny Lewis is that there still hasn't been any useful rain since the end of July! It has been truly remarkable and I don't think anyone has seen anything like it and we can only describe the salmon fishing as tragic. Despite this it hasn't actually been so very sunny either and there have been occasional rain showers but nothing to bring the rivers up enough for any serious salmon fishing.

Despite this I've had some wonderful days out:

and even the drive to the fishing can be spectacular and as much part of the day out as the actual fishing:

We are very lucky here on Lewis that even if the weather doesn't favour, say, salmon there are always other options and this year when I've felt the urge for some salmon fishing I have, instead, turned my attention to sea trout and there are lots of nice spots for some sea trout fishing:

My girlfriend has a cottage that she rents and over the last week we had a European guest who had previously been to a number of locations across the British Isles but who had never been successful in getting a salmon or sea trout. All he wanted to do was catch a fish and it was looking like he might have been one of these people who was simply unlucky. Now under the circumstances I thought it unwise to concentrate on salmon - they are there and can be caught but at present there is a much better chance with the sea trout. So, I took him for a sea trout. To be honest I don't think he believed me when I told him where to stand, told him where to cast and told him he'd have a fish in 10 minutes. However, within the 10 minutes he was into his first sea trout which fought well and, in due course, came to the net:

It is always good fun to get someone else a fish and over the course of the day he managed 4 sea trout from about 1lb up to just under 3lb.

On his last day I was able to point him at some estuary fishing with sea trout as the main target but that also has a lot of salmon lying in it. He managed a really good slob trout (a brown that lives in the estuary but doesn't run fully to sea) and a decent sea trout as well and he ended his fishing with 8 sea trout for 3 days of fishing, hardly a remarkable total but having never managed even one before he was over the moon.

Last evening I dropped by the estuary pool for an hour and managed, well, nothing. However it was interesting to watch the number of salmon (plus sea trout) moving in the pool as the tide started rushing back in, nearly time to move the car methinks.

Amazingly the water continues to remain too low for good salmon fishing on the rivers and I've certainly never known a September like it, and neither has anyone else:

However there are so many other options that it isn't really spoiling the fun and it is great to get out on the moor with the tent to some trout lochs:

To be honest I think the wild trout fishing on Lewis is even more remarkable than the sea trout and salmon fishing and it has provided me, and some visitors as well, with some great days of sport.

So, rain would be nice but the fishing continues to be great fun with lots of opportunities for the keen angler, salmon are still a possibility but just at the minute sea trout are making for much better sport and local knowledge can produce decent numbers of fish for a day and, of course, the brown trout sport is continuing and remains a fantastic day out on wild moorland for truly wild fish.