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Thread: rifle to lend out

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    rifle to lend out

    I've recently begun to do a fair amount of informal guiding, and have been helping quite a few people get experience and learn the basics.

    So far I've always used one of my rifles, but have started to worry about this after letting someone use my beautiful Heym on a stalk that involved (among other things) crawling 600 metres through liquid sheep sh*t.

    So I've begun to think about getting a rifle specifically to give to people I'm guiding/training.

    I'd be extremely grateful for suggestions on what rifle to get, both calibre and make.

    Conditions are mainly moorland and some forestry, almost always boggy. Quarry are mostly roe, with some fallow. Shots usually 100-150m, frequently windy.

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    Tikka T3 synthetic/stainless 6.5x55

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    Have a look at the Bergara B14 synthetic. Ive just ordered one.


    Great value and the action is amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    Tikka T3 synthetic/stainless 6.5x55
    I'd go with this choice of rifle, in any calibre you fancy from .243 to .308!

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    1) your old Sako is ideal and 2) if these are novice stalkers I would be carrying the rifle myself and handing it over at the point of shot, especially on a long crawl.

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    I'd be buying something 2nd hand in wotever calibre u fancy and just buy something cheap and cheerful. Plenty of boys shoot a lot of deer with older rougher looking rifles, esp for the few shots u'll be putting throu it every year..

    I'd also agree with Heym statement above althou i'm sure ur already well clued up on safety.

    Possibly a silly question but have u got ur rifles conditioned for estate rifle use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    Tikka T3 synthetic/stainless 6.5x55
    + 1 that will fit the bill 100%

    good rifle, excellent calibre

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    Or a Howa? They're very good value for money....

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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    Tikka T3 synthetic/stainless 6.5x55
    +2 you can't go wrong with it and once your done with it it's still a t3 and should retain it's value better than a howa or similar
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    I recently had the same issue so I got the same calibre as I use so that the same ammunition could be used ( I know different rifles and ammo don't always work but I zeroed both to the same ammo.) explained all this in variation application and no problems with issue.

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