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Thread: A dirty subject!

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    A dirty subject!

    I didn't find this on the search so i must assume it has never been covered.
    How often do you wash your deer stalking clothing?
    My advice is don't!
    Hide it from your partner (they seem to search it out by smell and wash it) i suggest in a shed or garage.
    On more than one occasion,as happened last week, i was downwind of a group of red stags, i didn't know they were in the next field, but could smell them!
    After getting the beast back to the larder my clothing had 'stag' odour, this mixed up with roe and fallow can have an advantage,honestly!
    Its when the wind is eddying around you you will be grateful your gear is rarely discovered by 'her indoors' (sorry ladystalker).
    Hope this tip helps and does not lead to the divorce court!

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    a dirty sbject

    Hi Devon Deer Stalker, as I come from the same fair county I thought I would reply. When I was a lad just starting out I made a fair sum of money from both fox and badger skins. I was being taught the trade by an old boy who had been trapping etc: all his eighty odd years, I thought he was one step ahead of god! One day he said find some fox and badger **** mix it up in a bucket with a bit of wet mud and rub it on your shooting clothes.
    Like the true disciple I was I followed instuctions, to the utter horror of my parents, looking back they were pretty good, I wasn't allowed to bring the clothes into the house but they let me keep the stinking outfit in the shed where I had to change. After a week of getting less than I normally did and being shunned by all and sundry I reverted to my usual pristine ways consigning the malodorous rags to the dustbin. When I next met my mentor he asked how I got on, when I said I'd had no luck he said he didn't think it would work but he wanted to find someone to try it out before he died! It may work on deer buit don't try it for fox.

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    I was reading an american shooting forum and one of the suggestions was to get used tampons and tie them to trees and the smell of oestrogen will get the bucks to come in.....

    so picture the scene, it's evening in the swampy house hold, the kids are in bed and i say to Mrs Swampy "Mrs S, the next time that munster are playing at home would you save me your used sanitary products?"

    The response does not bare thinking about!

    swampy steve

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    Years ago when i worked abroad the game ranger had a tame duiker antelope that lived in and out of the house and at certain times of the month became lethal with his horns jabbing into all and sundry.Next time i was there he had champagne corks stuck over his horns and as they became damaged they were replaced.So obviously the scent aroused him.

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    Devon deer stalker

    l do not wash my stalking outfit very often it has to get to the point of my kids saying to me when i get home from stalking "God mum what is that smell Oh its you " thats when i put them in the wash . my kids dont say it to my OH as thats what they expect from him .


    that is just nasty about the tampons

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    It's not just deer apparently Salmon are also affected in the same way. I also have it on good authority that they are extensively used for catching "Bigfoot" in the woods of North America!!!


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    My breeks are a complete ecosystem.

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    Ok lads i'm ready show me where the bucks are ![img] [/img]

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    Very good! I do particularly like the belted ammo. Just out of interest, what calibre is that round? Have a good Buck season.

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    just read the posts to my wife weve both cracked up... brilliant old keeper..
    my good wife doesnt seem to mind my fallow head maturing at the bottom of the garden quite so much as she follows these posts...
    us blokes always up for pushing boundaries

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