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Thread: Reloading crash course North West England

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    Reloading crash course North West England

    So, I found myself in need to reload my own ammunition for my .357 lever action, as it would help me remaining within the velocity restrictions of my club. I have heard as many different suggestions as to the kit I need to purchase, as people that I asked. I do not know what I need to buy, which 'recipe' to use, which brass, bullet heads and powder I need etc. In other words, I have no idea about reloading whatsoever. What I do know though is that I do not have the time to read book after book so I can inform myself. All I need is one set up, one 'recipe' of powder, bullet head, brass and primer to get me going. I know this might not get down well with some people, but I really do not have the time to spend on educating myself about the subject of reloading in general. I just want to know how to do one thing. I am smart enough and I will learn quick and learn to do it well. I decided I need to get some hands on experience reloading first before I decide on what to buy. Would someone in the north West of England be so kind as to spend an hour or so going through the process of reloading with me so I can at least get an idea if this is something I can/want to do before I commit on a reloading kit? I can travel to you (as a matter of fact I need to, as I do not have the hardware) and I will be at your debt if you could please help. Many thanks in advance!

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    I can't do a hands on but I can give you some basics to think on.

    38 Special and 357 magnum are loaded on the same dies. Today, manufacturers design the dies this way. If offered 2nd hand dies marked only ".38 Special" or "357 Magnum" take the 38 Special dies. They will load both, but the 357 with the longer die won't crimp the shorter 38 Special case. Loading 357 in 38 Special dies simply requires backing the seater out 1/10 of an inch.

    These dies are three-die sets: Sizer, (case mouth)expander, and seat/crimp. Carbide sizer is the only way to fly: no lubing cases. It's hard to find a new sizer that is not Carbide.

    You don't need to get snobbish about cases. PPU will work fine. US domestic cases will work fine as well.

    These cases take a small pistol primer.

    This should give you something to think on. You might check out Lee's video on die adjustments paying particular attention to how the seating and crimping (single die) is used. This is the link.
    Single Station Die Adjustment - Lee Precision

    Have fun.~Muir

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    Many thanks Muir. I appreciate it. It looks like you're the only help I am going to get off SD, sadly...

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    PM me and I can walk you through it if you wish. (Keep in mind the Lee videos...) I loaded 200 rounds of 357 and 200 rounds of 44 magnum each week on a rickety old Pacific press and non carbide dies. Unless you are planning on a huge reolading operation -or even if you are, as a beginner- a simple Lee set up in 357 with the hand trimmers for 38 Special and 357 magnum -and a set of lee scoops- will get you started. A Lee auto prime would be great, too. Spud can help there. I can assist you in putting it to use.~Muir

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    That's great. Many thanks. I will get in touch in due course. All the best

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    Have not loaded 357 in many moons but I could get you going. What bullet weight are you using and how fast are you wanting it. Have you got dies, cases, powder and primers

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