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Thread: teal around already?

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    teal around already?

    just wondering if anyone had seen any teal around maybe where they shouldnt this year as i managed to bag one last night, she was all i did get, infact the only duck i shot at all night as the mallard didnt want to play. ive never seen teal this early around my parts and was wondering if anyone else has seen any ? i know that some do spend summer here but as ive said ive never seen it around me

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    The first Teal are on the coast from mid August onwards. By the opening day numbers have usually built up a lot. Not unusual to see the occasional wigeon and pintail on the first as well.

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    Teal often bree on grose moors seen pairs flying about while shooting and picked a pair for a gun no 1 day in early sept. He was over the moon as the other guns didnae believe him

    We had about 20 come in to a our pond 2 weeks ago but been seeing groups normally 20-30 occasionally up to 50 on the ponds on/off all summer, which is quite unusual but kept ponds fed almost all year this year.

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    I was very kindly invited by an SD member to shoot a flight pond on fri eve last and we accounted for 14 teal and 3 mallard on what was an exciting half hour or so .what was unusual was we saw four foxs while we got in position and while we shot heard two rabbit kills quite close to us .only just started to feed my own ponds but hoping to return the favour soon enough .

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    Had a Teal on a flight pond inland in Kent from 2 weeks ago.


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