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    For the second time in as many years I have been "stalked" while out by Strathclydes very own Police force in their fancy budgie.

    Last time i was controlling rabbits on the local golf course at night, this time it was in the morning while reccying a piece of land before an evening stalk.

    I had been given permission to shoot this land by the owner, a farmer in Cowal. Their is another stalker with permission but I was assured it would not be an issue as it is over 600 acres of hill and we would not be stalking it together as everyone had to go through the owner to avoid any confusion.

    Excellent or so I thought. Top of the hill and from nowhere it is blackhawk down.

    Then plod from Dunoon gets mobilised as they cannot find me (open hill ,muppets). So I am at top of hill looking down to see PLOD arrive and go over my car with fine tooth comb.

    Brilliant. (I even made the local paper)

    I did not even have a rifle with me so all was well and PLOD were fine once the facts had been established.

    Any to add insult to injury it was the other stalker who phoned the police on me. So Mr Wilkinson if you are a member of the site I would love to have a word at some point in the very near future.

    This is a cautionary tale because it could happen to you out stalking, make sure you have written permission for where you are meant to be or it might get tasty.

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    Gutted for you, since when did we live in such a hysterical society? I wish people would just mind their own business and stop interfering when men want to go out and bring the venison home.

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    Aggravated possession of binos?

    Scottish law is certainly different from that in the rest of island.

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    I must admit, i have the same problem's at some of my shooting ground where joe public out walking are telling me my right's on my land where i have a contract to shoot, there is alot of "LAWYER'S" giving free advice at 5.30am, wish they would mind there own business,and leave us alone, you cannot fart nowaday's but someone is wanting to smell it i know how you feel mate and it's getting worse
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    Looks like you got the other end of the green eyed monster my friend i have been there many times so it pays to have everything i order. Now what i did was contact the police and asked them nicely if they would have word in the other persons ear telling them to make sure this didn't happen again or cost,s might come there way.

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    Black lab any chance you could change your Avitar it makes me itch every time i see it.

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    hahaha...i've just tried to kill black labs avatar and nearly bust my screen!!
    With regards to Dans post......i would be informing the landowner as to what the 'other stalker' did as it was well out of order and the landowner should know what the other chap is capable of.
    I recently got my written permission renewed on a farm i stalk.....just incase someone decided to report me for deer poaching, My original permission was given in 2003 and as i'm up for renewal it has killed two birds with one stone.

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    Dont know about you guy's, but it seem's like everybody and their grannies have got something to say when they see someone out shooting
    i myself have had the parifin budgie down at me also just to check my FAC because someone called them to say they had seen someone with a gun when they were out with their dog on land which i have permission to shoot on the police were ok and apologise for the disturbance
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    A couple of years ago I was part of a dive team doing some outfall survey work for the water board on the Clyde whch involved the use of a small boat and 4 divers,
    I had been in the water for about 10 minutes when I came up to discover the flying squad hovering above 40ft and the police fast responce boat bearing down on us!
    And the reason for this anti terrorist like responce... suspected salmon poaching at 1300 hours, I ask you

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    Lab , your'e gonna have to put your foot on that Chigger!
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