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Thread: Which ultrasonic Cleaner

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    Which ultrasonic Cleaner

    I recently had an Ultrasonic cleaner bought for me for my birthday fantastic i thought no more cleaning out primer pockets and poking out media afterwards and so on so ,
    In went the cases with a little bit of liquid soap and after reading the instructions (in pigeon English) turned on the machine and hey-presto !!!!!!!!! nothing happened, no zizi noise like it says in the instructions nothing not a bloody thing
    all i got was wet cases. So i asked where it was purchased and guess what EBAY i was told. So i contacted the seller and after a bit of persuasion the thing went back
    So im looking for another one lads any recombination's as to what type and where i should get one from Preferably UK I don't need a big one about 3 litre capacity will do nicely

    And i dont want another ying yong yang one either

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    check out allendale ultrasonics 3ltr 160 quid

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    Allendale sell spares parts for their machines as well, so there is good service backup and UK based.

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    great guys to deal with

    I had one of their end of line non digital read out ones, the same as their 3 litre one on sale on the website for about £126, the only difference is mine has a rotary switch.

    great bit of kit and if you search ebay you can still find them for about £90.

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    I have one from Maplins, purchased it S/H off a chap on here, excellent bit of kit.


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    Thanks for the replies guys will check them ou​t

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    I bought the 10 litre one of these from eBay.

    Professional Analog Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultra Sonic Bath For Lab Dental | eBay

    trad4u_online seem to be Belgium based marketing Chinese products.

    The large tank was bought so I could clean a dirty carburettor on a Briggs and Stratton Merry Tiller motor.


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    Have a look at JPL ultrasonic cleaners,( James Products Limited.) I got one of there 2.5lt cleaners, which is the same as the Lyman 2.5lt that costs £125, for £88 posted, and it works well.

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    +1 on the JPL 2.5L but limit the number of cases at any one time. The Seaclean2 solution is very effective too. To save solution I cut the bottom 100mm or so off of a 2L bottle of water, for the solution and and brass to sit in, and the rest of the water in the tank is plain tap water.

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    Hornady 7lt, tray & basket, and they do the fluid

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