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Thread: The anticlimax

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    The anticlimax

    I shoot my fair share of deer as part of my job culling during the winter months. Summer time is time to enjoy mooching sometimes armed sometimes just the dogs and me, we have an occasional Roe buck to deal with or the odd Muntjac, one Roe buck in particular has spent the summer hopping in and out of fenced coppice coups quietly doing a bit of damaged, well enough is enough and I decided he had a date with the larder. Well I have stalked him around in the coup a dozen times and have had some great times training the young dog with him never quite getting the shot, various reasons the dog didn't help a couple of times, no safe shot, me not paying attention. 13 is unlucky for some and it was to him, a classic heart lung shot at 60yrds he ran the dog did her stuff just as she has been trained a nice track. He is not a specially good head but a buck I will remember for a long time, its not very often that a deer leaves an impression on me but what am the dogs and I mooch around after now?

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    Oh there will be others...

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