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Thread: Politics and Red deer

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    Politics and Red deer

    Tension on Assynt | The Scottish Farmer

    Nice to see some of the usual stereotypical views being busted in this article.

    Shows how valuable Red deer are to many areas of rural Scotland.

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    Yes, if the people complaining about the mass culling of the local deer had been single landowners not a "community" I don't think it would have recieved much sympathy. What was the local community to do with a sporting estate that not one of them lived on ,other than run it as a sporting estate. It is good for nothing else. When someone suggested they build "affordable homes" on the estate the locals commented that they didn't want to encourage "Glasgow schemies " into the area. Oh the pitfalls of political interference.


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    Exactly. An interesting dynamic which could have a bearing on deer management legislation/systems in the future.

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